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Dear customer,

We will be closing from 15 Dec 2016 to 15 Jan 2017 and re-open 16 Jan 2017.

All orders received between this periods, order will be arrange and dispatched after 16 Jan 2017. We are very sorry for any inconveniences.

We hope you enjoy this festive season and New Year!

Merry Christmas!

1kg Bulk matcha green tea powder
1kg matcha green tea powder is available now!
An economical choice for your daily tea time...

Cheap postage guide!

We are able to deliver your ordered items by large letters postage within Australia, if your ordered item is no thicker than 20mm. Some of our green tea products and Japanese fabric are applied to this (excluding Hojicha, tea bag products etc). Please make good use of this great opportunity for your shopping.

Large letters postage (for delivery within Australia)
Up to 125g - $2.00
Over 125g to 250g - $3.00

(as at Jan 2016)

* We are happy to inform you postage before placing an order. Please send us an Email for assistance.

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (known as NHK) has broadcasted the program about “Kakegawa Fukamushi Green Tea” on 12 Jan 2011. This TV program (Tameshite Gatten) features the “City of Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan” where has ranked one of the lowest cancer mortality rate in Japan. Consequently, the elderly medical expenses are over 20% less compare to national average. Scientists believe “Fukamushi Green Tea” keeps key roles of this interesting statistics...

All of
Aya Green Tea "Sencha green Tea" products are grown and processed in Kakegawa and classified as a "Fukamushi Green Tea."

Enjoy your tea time! Stay healthy!! 

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Latest collection of Kimono teddy bears!

Kimono teddy bear

To view bears
We are pleased to announce you that we have an opportunity stocking cute bears at our shop now.

Aya Green Tea New Stockist!

Shop 8 / The Annerley Arcade
478 Ipswich Rd, Annerley,
Brisbane, QLD, 4103

You will be able to purchase some of the Aya Green Tea tea at the salon. Complimentary tea is available while cutting hair...
Please ask for a service.

Special gift for someone special! Drinking green tea

Please check out our variety range of products. We provide you not only Japanese green tea but also something very special and Japanese.

Have a look at our online shopping page and get unique and great gift ideas. You will find something personal for that someone special.
Whatever the occasion is we will arrange your gift that makes you and others happy!

Simple packaging design with Japanese patterned labelling.

Charming packagingVaccume packed teas

What we can do for you to keep your tea fresh....
Zipper bags for freshness
Aya Green Tea's packaging.

GreenteaPackage Most of pouches are comes with zipper bag to keep the tea fresh for storage.

GreenteaPackage Most of pouches are vacuum packed for freshness.(Some products are not due to the contents.)

YellowButton  Why don't you take your own green tea bottle where ever you go....

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